Stay stylish & sustainable

Bed & Breakfast - No more No less. The transformation into a three-star boutique hotel. 

Our rooms have all been renovated according to the color and artistic styling of designer Warner Pramel. The Romantic-Vintage style and the artistic group HeroIne have recieved much media attention and are the defining feature of our decor. This special charm is the perfect complement to the natural flair of our historic building. With nearly 25-30 m² rooms and a ceiling of 3.8 meters, our boutique guestrooms offer a special and generous sense of space in comparison to modern hotels. We also offer 3-bed bedrooms for even extra space and comfort. 

Our three standard bedrooms are arranged with our boutique style. You will enjoy a room size between 15 and 21 m², with either a queen size (160cm) or king size (180 cm) bed. 

We provide care products from the renowned L’occitane, a company that attaches special importance to sustainability and the use of organic products. 

We also save nearly 2.2 tons of CO2 each year by avoiding the use of minibars. Instead, we offer a refrigerator in our lobby with a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. For guests who appreciate sustainability, we particularly recommend products from Fritz-Kola or Fritz-Sprizz from glass bottles. 

What else you should know: we are a small, privately operated hotel, which is why our reception is sometimes unstaffed in the afternoons. However, you will receive information before your arrival regarding where to pick up your room key.