Salzburg goes Vietnam

Of course - if one thinks of the city of Salzburg, one does not automatically associate it with the Vietnamese cuisine. But why not try something new?

Stilt, roast pork and beer are so „yesterday“. The modern tourist likes to try new and international things. Therefore the new Vietnamese restaurant that has opened in Salzburg city is just the right place. The Xinchao attracts visitors not only with its exotic name, the food is a culinary experience and - of course - 100% V ... Vietnam. You thought of „vegan“? They do offer vegan food, but also meat and fish dishes. Especially the large soup pots, for example the Pho soups, are just right for the winter season.

If you walk through the old town, past the well-known Bärenwirt, over the Salzach via the Müllner pier and then straight ahead, you end up directly in the Schwarzstraße, where the new restaurant has opened its doors - daily from 11 am to 10 pm.

The competition does not sleep - especially not in a cosmopolitan city like Salzburg. Only a few corners further is the restaurant called Uncle Van. Also not to be overlooked: soups, rice dishes, summer rolls and many more delicious items are on the daily menu. The restaurant replicates a very traditional Vietnamese style. Chairs and tables are put up in a small alley creating a comfortable atmosphere and give a taste of past or upcoming vacations to Vietnam. It can be found in the Nonntaler Hauptstraße, very close to the Nonnberg Monastery.

Our tip: Try both!